Venezuelan Soldier Dies After Lover Accidentally Discharges Weapon While Performing Sexual Act Inside Car

The weapon was fired while the pair was engaing in oral sex in the parking lot of a local restaurant.

A Venezuelan member of the military died while having sex with his partner in his vehicle after his lover accidentally discharged his weapon during the act.

As reported by El Cordillerano, the victim, identified as 47-year-old Jorge Edwin Ramirez - member of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) – was with a woman inside the vehicle when the stray bullet ended his life.

Weapon Discharged While Performing Oral Sex

man dies while having sex in car
Jorge Edwin Ramirez on the passenger seat of the Toyota Fortuner in the parking lot of a restaurant in Barquisimeto. Twitter

The tragic incident took place as Ramirez's lover, Laura Manzano, was performing oral sex on him in the parking lot of a restaurant in the Venezuelan region of Barquisimeto on Friday, Oct. 29, according to authorities.

Manzano told authorities that she was performing fellatio on Ramirez inside his Toyota Fortuner when she accidentally triggered the weapon he was carrying, striking him in the thigh. Emergency responders were called to the scene but despite efforts to save him, Ramirez was declared dead by the paramedics. A Glock 17 was recovered from the vehicle along with two boxes of 9mm ammunition.

Cause of Death

The paramedics who tried to treat Ramirez said that the victim was hit struck in the inner region of his right thing, causing a haemorrhage that eventually led to his sudden death. the authorities are still investigating the cause of the death of the military man, who did not have records or judicial requests, according to the newspaper.

This is not the first time that a sexual act has proven to be deadly for those involved. In 2019, a woman was shot dead by her lover after he accidentally pulled the trigger while using a loaded gun for arousal while having sex at his home in Florida. Last year, a similar incident took place in Florida when a man fatally shot his girlfriend after she told him to point a revolver at her during a sexual encounter.