Vending machines in Geylang selling sex toys; Students in uniforms also visit adult shop

Vending machine

A shop in Geylang has a vending machine, which is now providing sex toys. The incident has raised serious concern among people as many students were spotted while entering the same shop.

The MimiBox, which is located at the Le Regal complex in Geylang Road, has four vending machines, including a display that shows a plethora of adult toys. MimiBox said the operation has started around March.

Sex toys such as vibrators, lubricant and extenders are being sold from that vending machine and the items on sale cost between $10 and $200. After inserting the cash into the machine, buyers are able to purchase the items. The machine either dispenses the items via a slot or unlocks a display box from which the items can be retrieved by the buys.

The machine is located inside a 24 hours open shop, which is a self-service adult shop. Even though the shop is unnamed but it is monitored by cameras.

However, when October 5, the The New Paper visited the shop, several shopkeepers in the same locality stated that they have seen students in uniform to enter the adult shop.

A 60-year-old shopkeeper, Michael Mok said that mainly foreigners visit the shop but now many students were also spotted while visiting the shop. But, the man said that since there are many adult shops located in the same vicinity so, that that particular shop's business is not actually a problem.

Another unnamed shopkeeper believes that if an underage student could go and buy such sex toys then it might be a crime.

The sale of adult toys on the location is approved by the concerned authority, so it cannot be an illegal activity. But, as per some lawyers, it could be an issue if an underage is able to purchase such items from the adult shop. James Ow Yong, a criminal lawyer pointed out Section 293 of the Penal Code and stated that the sale of such items to those under the age of 21, is illegal.

He also added that the difference between a vending machine and a brick-and mortar-shop is the Minibox which is the vendor, could not differentiate between buyers from the different age.