Valentine's Day: Actors Sung Hoon- Park Na Rae dating? Here is what agency has to say

Sung Hoon's "No comment" on his relationship status led to rumors of him and Park Na Rae dating. But here is what they mean to each other in real life

Sung Hoon
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It's a day for couples, dating, and celebration on Valentine's Day. Rumors are doing the rounds that celebrities Sung Hoon and Park Na Rae are dating. Here is a reality check.

The news of Sung Hoon dating his co-actor Park Na Rae emerged after his interview in an MBC reality show Home Alone (which is also known as I Live Alone). When the interviewer asked Hoon about his relationship status, the actor said he would not like to go public with details. If at all he has to do so, he will surely do it on the Home Alone show.

The interviewer gave details of an incident when Sung Hoon was seen holding Park Na Rae's train of dress during the MBC Entertainment Awards held in December 2016.

The actor said: "It (dating between him and Park Na Rae) was unlikely."

He also said: "I firmly believe in not going public with my relationships, but if I end up getting caught dating somewhere, without my planning it, and I have to talk about it personally — then I'll talk about it here, on this YouTube channel."

Though Sung Hoon denied any relationship with Na Rae, he did not deny having any relationships at all and just said "No Comments". This led to rumors that Sung Hoon might be dating.

To clear the air, Sung Hoon's agency has clarified on his relationship status. It said Sung Hoon does not have a girlfriend currently. He thinks that it would be nice if he met someone now. This was reported by OSEN who spoke to Sung Hoon's spokesperson. The agency also said that Hoon is busy choosing scripts for 2020.

Born Bang In-Kyu, Sung Hoon (stage name) celebrates his birthday today, on Valentine's Day. Let's wish that his wish comes true on a romantic day like this.

Sung Hoon did not dream of becoming an actor. He was a swimming champion in his university which was cut short after training for 14 years due to a spinal injury. The injury was so bad that he was sent back from military earlier than his specified time as he could not endure the pain. It was only in 2011 that he made an entry into Kdramas with New Tales of Gisaeng.