Valentine's Day 2017: Nestle brings sushi-shaped Kit Kats to Japan

Nestle has introduced limited-edition Sushi-shaped Kitkats for Valentine's Day.

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Sushi-shaped Kitkats in Japan
Sushi-shaped Kitkats in Japan Reuters

Nestle's Kit Kat and Japan go like hand in glove. In fact, Japan is the only nation to have more than 300 varieties of Kit Kat flavors, which means they have their Kitkat version for everything. No wonder, it is the most loved candy in the country. And to capitalize the bond on this Valentine's Day, Nestle has introduced limited-edition Sushi-shaped Kitkats.

"The "sushi" Kit Kats are not for sale, but customers who spend more than ¥3,000 ($26) in Nestle's new KitKat store in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district will receive a pack as a gift from Friday," the Japan News reported.

"The 3-piece sets are modeled on tuna, sea urchin, and omelet sushi, but are actually raspberry, mascarpone cheese, and pumpkin pudding Kit Kats atop sugar-coated puffed rice.," the report further added.

Nestle Japan's Kit Kat marketing manager Ryoji Maki told Reuters that the idea was to create a fun variation of the traditional chocolate bar in the run-up to Valentine's Day. "I hope our customers have fun with the look of this 'sushi' Kit Kat," Maki told Reuters Television. It's Valentine's season, so I hope these 'sushi' chocolates can be an additional item to the chocolate gifts to make it more surprising and fun," he added.

So how did the idea evolve? It is said that on April Fool's Day 2016, a mock post with Sushi-shaped Kit Kats went viral across the country. The post received so much attention that Nestle decided to make the real version of it. An opinion on New York Times stated, "Kit Kat is so popular that it is sold at high-end department stores, Kit Kat only specialty shops and even post offices, and it is so ingrained in the nation's snack culture that nearly every region has a signature flavor sold only in that part of the country." And some of those weird flavors are Adzuki Bean, Chili, Green Tea, Purple Sweet Potato, Roasted Tea, and even Wasabi.

This is definitely a novelty experience for people who are planning to celebrate their Valentine's Day with chocolates.

This article was first published on February 9, 2017