Utah Man Charged After 7 of His Pitbulls Fatally Attack His Mother Until There was 'No Flesh' Left on the Body

Sandra Miller
Sandra Miller with her family members. Facebook

A Taylorsville, Utah, man has been charged after police said his dogs fatally attacked his mother.

Jeremy Miller, 38, was charged last week on seven attack by animal charges, all class B misdemeanors, after seven of his pitbulls mauled his mother to death.

As reported by ABC4, in October 2023, an officer with the Taylorsville City Police Department responded to South Shakestone Drive on reports of an animal attack.

The officer said that as he climbed the fence to enter the backyard, he saw several pit bulls with "blood on and around their mouths and appeared to be in a frenzy," according to the affidavit.

When the officer got to the victim, identified as Sandra Miller, he said she had "extensive injuries" on her face and hands, making her unable to move.

"Her leg had no flesh on it and only the bone remained," the affidavit states. "There was so much blood [the officer] could not see her other injuries." Sandra was taken to a hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

The affidavit states the dogs remained "extremely aggressive," taking multiple police and animal control officers to keep the dogs away from the victim and contained in the yard.

A female pit bull reportedly tried to escape, but the affidavit states an officer shot her six times "and noticed other officers shot her as well." The other dogs were taken into custody.

Officers said they found a phone number for Sandra's son, Jeremy, who confirmed he lived at the address where the incident took place. Jeremy reportedly arrived home approximately 20 minutes later, "clearly upset about his fence being damaged and his dogs being taken by animal control," the affidavit states.