Utah: Anonymous Racist Letter Threatens Asian-Americans to 'Go Home' or Face Death

An Asian-American owned business in Utah received an anonymous letter filled with racist tirades against Asians warning them to ''go home now'' or brace for further attacks, including death, if they don't move out of the United States.

The letter, that was dated on Match 17, threatens to murder Asians and has a long list of how they're getting away with everything in the U.S, and chillingly mentions the Atlanta Spa shootings that killed six Asians in Georgia.

The racist letter also blames Asians for spreading Covid-19 in America and the world and mentioned that they ''lied about it.'' The number '666' is also printed at the bottom of the letter.

Racist Letter Threatens Asian Americans to gohome
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The business owner shared the letter with the police and investigation is currently underway to nab the culprits behind the hate-filled letter.

Members of the Asian-American community in Utah have expressed fear and concern over the letter's content as the words used are strong and threatening their very existence on US soil.

''The message in the letter is very strong and is very threatening,'' said a Vietnamese-American and a resident of Taylorsville to Fox 13, and continued saying he feels frightened at what is happening across the country.

''I feel lost because I feel like maybe I don't belong to either country. I feel frightened because of the message in the letter,'' he said.

Racism is not patriotism racist

The police are considering the letter as a possible hate crime, reported Fox 13. KUTV reported that officials are testing the letter and the envelope for fingerprints in the hope to find the culprit soon.

The police has urged others to come forward if they have received similar hate-filled letters as the copies contain fingerprints that can be used to track down the culprit.

Sgt. Melody Cutler of the Unified Police Department revealed to Fox 13 that they're taking up the matter seriously as it threatens an entire community putting their lives at risk.

''This is an individual telling an entire community that they are at risk. That threatens a lot of people. It's not right,'' he said, and further commented, ''It's not fair. This is no joke. We are talking serious charges.''