US Left-Mainstream Media Exposed as They Downplay Capitol Attack and Farrakhan Story

Noah Green, a 25-year-old man from Indiana, rammed his car at a checkpoint at the US Capitol, killing a police officer and injuring another. The man later pulled out a knife as he got down from his car and lunged at another police officer who shot him dead.

The attack occurred at a time when America is still reeling from the January 6 insurrection that saw rioters storm Congress that resulted in the death of five people including a police officer.

Noah Green
Noah Green Facebook

Noah, who is a follower of Louis Farrahkhan, the leader of 'Nation of Islam', posted on Facebook that Allah has chosen him to take part in the attack. "The path has been thwarted as Allah (God) has chosen me for other things,'' he said in a post.

However, as and when it was revealed the attacker was a follower of Farrahkhan, several mainstream news outlets played down the event with no wall-to-wall coverage talking about the assailants skin color or race, which they repeatedly did during the Atlanta Spa shootings.

Even during the Boulder shooting at the King Soopers supermarket that killed 10 innocent people, liberal mainstream media was quick to pinpoint on gun reform in America and the story slowly fizzled out of their coverage after it was discovered that the shooter, Ahmad Al Issa, was an immigrant from a minority community.

Several conservatives took to their social media handle slamming the liberal news outlets for their double standards on reporting the violent attacks, stating had it been a white male, the story would have been different with a panel of people discussing about gun reforms in the country.

Even Representative Ilhan Omar, who is usually quick to point out 'white' assailants, played down the words in her tweets and polished it as saying: ''Heartbroken to learn another CP was killed while protecting the Capitol. My thoughts and prayers go out to the officer's family and the entire Capitol Police force. The death toll would have been worse if the assailant had an AR-15 instead of a knife.''

Conservative star Dinesh D'souza lashed out at the hypocrisy shown by the mainstream media and took to Twitter saying: ''So the perpetrator was a black guy? Nation of Islam? No problem! Here's some advice for slow-thinking media types on how to still blame it on white supremacy.''

''Happening in newsrooms around the country right now: "So how can we blame the violent actions of a black Nation of Islam supporter on white supremacy. Think! THINK!" #noahgreen #CapitolPolice,'' he tweeted minutes later.

Also, a barrage of memes were posted online by conservatives depicting the mainstream media's double standards on their news coverage and while some agreed that the news is biased, the others didn't.