US President Donald Trump's son gets permit to hunt grizzly bear in Alaska

The eldest son of US President Donald Trump, Trump Junior, has been criticized earlier over his fascination for hunting

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The eldest son of US President Donald Trump, Trump Junior, has received a permit to hunt a grizzly bear in northwestern Alaska's Seward Peninsula.

Trump Jr was one of the persons who had applied in the non-resident hunter category. Twenty-seven spots were vacant and the list of winners of the state's latest hunting-permit draws was announced on February 21.

Speaking to Reuters, Eddie Grasser, the wildlife conservation director for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, said they had received thousands of applications. Winning is a pure chance or luck as it is a draw, he said. But he also said that there was little competition for Trump Jr.

The state is said to be conducting lucky draws periodically to grant permits. Winners can hunt bears, moose and other animals in specified regions.

The permit costs $1,000 as non-residing fee and $160 for non-resident hunting license.

Trump Jr's interest in hunting is well known. He makes frequent trips to Alaska and Canada for hunting. This year too he is scheduled to be in Alaska to hunt deer and ducks, according to Reuters.

Earlier in February, the Safari Club is reported to have conducted a seven-day hunting expedition with Trump Jr and made $150,000. The winner will travel with Trump Jr to Tongass National Forest in November.

Trump Jr is a businessman and reality television personality. He is the son of Trump and his first wife Ivana. Currently, he is the trustee and executive vice president of the Trump Organization.

Hunting is reported to have been Trump Junior's fascination even when he was young. Soon after graduation in 2000, he took a one-year break and hunted and indulged in fishing, skiing and even worked as a bartender in Aspen, Colorado.

His fascination for hunting also landed him in controversy in 2012 as pictures of Trump Jr with his arms around a dead leopard, holding a knife and the bloody tail of an elephant were published. The hunts were still legal, but he was criticized for his attitude.