New book claims Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr defrauded buyers during Trump SoHo sales

A new book by a journalist explores the contours of the Trump SoHo building which was pitched with wrong sales figures, fraudulent behaviour by the Trump siblings

The new book released by a journalist reveals the scheme by the Trump siblings for selling units in the new luxury condominium hotel in New York. The new book explored the 'hows' on the Trump empire. The SoHo building which was dropped in 2011 was surrounded by several criminal investigations. The book obtained by a popular news agency said that it re-examined the episode and issues surrounding the building.

Andrea Bernstein in her book American Oligarchs: The Kushners, The Trumps And The Marriage Of Money And Power, explored the questions that have surrounded the criminal investigation behind the Manhattan building.

From the first preview in 2006 to Trump Jr claims


The Trump SoHo was first previewed in 2006 in his reality TV show called The Apprentice. But, the sales of the $370 million building were disappointing. Felix Sater, Trump's partner seemed to have a criminal past which came in between the sales of the units.

According to a report in the New York Times, by the start of 2009 only 15 to 30 percent of the units were sold. The previous year Ivanka had claimed in an interview with Reuters that around 60 percent of the units were sold. But the data filed with the federal and state agencies indicated differently.

In April 2009, Donald Trump Jr claimed that around 55 percent of the units were sold. The inflated claims by the Trump siblings led the buyers to sue Trump. The deceiving nature of the case was questioned by the Manhattan district attorney's office as a criminal offence where they conducted interviews and issuing subpoenas.

Author explored darker side of the case

The author explored the darker side of the case through her book published by the Guardian. She says that the Trumps left a trail behind them through their emails which was first published by ProPublica in 2017. It explored the scheme constructed by Ivanka and Donald Jr to deceive the buyers by talking about inflated numbers to sell the condo.

Later after the Trump Presidency began and the SoHo building was re-branded as Dominick, the sales were saved. The victims were afraid to say that they were cheated by the business, which led the prosecutors to later drop the case. The book explores the contours of Jared Kushner's family tree and history which marked him as a citizen of the US.