US nearing 'peak' of coronavirus cases, says CDC Director Robert Redfield

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield on Monday, April 13, said the country was nearing "the peak" as he analysed the coronavirus situation in the US during the 45-day lockdown.

Redfield also addressed the issue of reopening of the economy based on the condition of the community and the counties. He had previously said that the US needed a very aggressive "contact tracing" programme.

Appearing on NBC's Today show, he reaffirmed his views about the peak nearing in the US. He had previously said that the US had a long way to go to reduce the outbreak's intensity. He also said that the country's mortality rate due to the coronavirus had gradually reduced because of the measures taken by the authorities.

CDC  director Robert Redfield
CDC director Robert Redfield Wikimedia commons

Need for testing

On NBC's Today show he said for the country to reopen there needed to be swift coronavirus testing. Before relaxing the lockdown, swift isolation and contact tracing were needed. Redfield said testing on people immune to the virus could build "greater confidence" in communities, "particularly in the health care setting."

The reopening of the economy should be a step-by-step process where each community and county should be assessed. According to Redfield, the US would reach its peak this week. He noted that the cases were stabilizing.

"You'll know when you're at the peak when the next day is actually less than the day before," Redfield said.

He thanked the people of the country for following the community guidelines and social distancing.

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