CDC director reveals what was China's initial belief about Coronavirus outbreak

  • US surpassed China in terms of maximum COVID-19 cases

  • US has a total of 104,837 Novel Coronavirus cases

  • CDC directors Robert Redfield revealed what US should do at this moment

China has been facing criticism for the way the authorities acted when novel coronavirus outbreak began. The Beijing authorities have recently apologised to whistleblower Li Wenliang's family for overlooking his warnings when the spread of the Novel Coronavirus started in China. But it doesn't change the fact that due to their initial ignorance, the whole world is suffering now.

Recently, Centers for Disease and Health Control Director (CDC) Robert Redfield said that the Chinese authorities originally claimed that the deadly virus was not contagious between humans before it turned into a global pandemic.

CDC  director Robert Redfield
CDC director Robert Redfield Wikimedia commons

CDC director on Coronavirus pandemic

The CDC director Robert Redfield, who recently testified before the House Committee and revealed that some flu patients in US may have been misdiagnosed and actually had Coronavirus, said that China was "Pretty certain that this was not transmitted human to human. Obviously that became corrected as they saw in the first three, four weeks of January that human-to-human spread was not only occurring, it's actually as I said more infectious."

While speaking in "The Brian Kilmeade Show" on Friday, March 27 he also mentioned that this idea of China has "led to the situation we're in today. No one could have predicted how transmissive, how infectious this virus really is."

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping Reuters

It should be mentioned that on Friday US President Donald Trump who was also criticised for neglecting initial intelligence reports on the Coronavirus outbreak which could have helped the country to fight against the deadly virus. Initially, he said that he had a "very good" conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping after the recent reports revealed that US has surpassed the initial COVID-19 epicentre China and is currently on the top of list of most infected countries.

China and US in the middle of Coronavirus pandemic

Trump also took it to social media and tweeted that the US and China are working closely together to find a solution to the Coronavirus outbreak that killed over 27,800 people and infected over half a billion individuals globally.

In terms of defeating the deadly virus, Redfield stressed that Americans must continue to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. While speaking about the lifting lockdown measures, he mentioned, "The data is going to be really important. There's many parts of this country that have very limited coronavirus infection right now and as we get certain about that surveillance data, not only in geographic areas but as mentioned by the government, in different age groups."

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