US Holiday Horror: Shark Attacks Injure Four at South Padre Island on July 4th

Shark was Spotted On Video Near Texas' South Padre Island Before Series Of Attacks

4th July celebrations at the beach turned into nightmare for beachgoers when four people got injured in an unprecedented shark attack off South Padre Island in Texas. Two individuals were bitten, and another was injured while assisting one of the victims.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department confirmed that two people were bitten and two others encountered the shark but were not seriously hurt. The bite victims were taken to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville. One is still being treated there, while the other was flown out for further medical care. The third person was slightly injured while trying to help.

Shark attack in USA

Another beachgoer felt a shark brush against them as it swam by, according to officials. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department noted that such shark encounters are rare in Texas, usually resulting from mistaken identity by sharks searching for food.

Earlier, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden Captain Chris Dowdy mentioned to KRGV that at least four shark-related incidents were reported at South Padre Island, likely involving the same shark. The shark has since moved to open waters.

Two off-duty Border Patrol agents from the Search, Trauma, and Rescue Unit pulled one victim from the water and applied a tourniquet to their leg, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

At around 11 a.m. on Thursday, the South Padre Island Police Department received a call about a man who had suffered a significant shark bite to his leg. Emergency responders provided care before he was sent to a local hospital. His current status remains undisclosed.

A beachgoer witnessed the shark swimming along the coast, and video footage showed the shark close to beachgoers. Another individual was bitten in a separate incident. Captain Dowdy mentioned that while fending off the shark, one person received grazes, and another was injured. Initial reports of four different shark bites were clarified by officials.

The shark has now moved to open seas, and there are no plans to catch or contain it. Drones are being used to monitor the situation as the South Padre Island Beach Patrol and local police and fire services patrol the beach. The identities and conditions of the victims remain undisclosed.

Authorities quickly deployed boats, a helicopter, and drones to search for sharks. The city is considering restricting beach access to the public for safety.

"Shark encounters of this nature are not a common occurrence in Texas," the department said. "When bites from sharks do occur, they are usually a case of mistaken identity by sharks looking for food." Authorities have cautioned beachgoers to avoid getting into the sea for next few days. it has not been determined what type of shark was involved and that an investigation was underway.

South Padre Island, known for its resorts and beaches, is a 113-mile barrier island off the southern coast of Texas. Beachgoers and officials are now more vigilant and taking extra precautions following these shark encounters.