Trump to Woodward: US has Secret Nuclear Weapon System Putin and Xi Never Heard Before

In an interview with prominent journalist Bob Woodward, Donald Trump boasted about new weapons

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump
Vladimiar Putin and Donald Trump. Twitter

The United States has been a strong critic of North Korea, over its acquisition of nuclear weapons. But now, it has been revealed that President Donald Trump has opened up about a supposedly secret nuclear weapons system in an interview given to prominent journalist Bob Woodward.

Advanced Weapon System in the United States' Arsenal

Donald Trump talked about this advanced weapon system while reflecting on how close the United States and North Korea came to a probable nuclear war in 2017. Excerpts from the journalist's book published in the Washington Post where Woodward is an associate editor reveals that this weaponry is so advanced, and no country in the world could ever imagine the arsenal which the United States possesses.

The United States president also made it clear that neither Russian President Vladimir Putin nor Chinese President Xi Jinping have never heard about these advanced weapons.

"I have built a nuclear — a weapons system that nobody's ever had in this country before. We have stuff that you haven't even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There is nobody. What we have is incredible," Trump told Woodward, Washington Post reports.

In the meantime, James Acton, co-director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's nuclear policy program suggested that Donald Trump may have been referring to the controversial submarine-launched low-yield nuclear warhead, details of which remain classified.

Trump Knew Coronavirus Was Deadly

While talking with Woodward, Trump also admitted that coronavirus was deadly, and it could wreak havoc in all nooks of the United States. Interestingly, Trump told this to Woodward, at a time when he was affirming the US citizens that coronavirus will 'just disappear'.

"You just breathe the air and that's how it's passed. And so that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also more deadly than even your strenuous flu. This is deadly stuff," added Trump.