US Election 2020 Results: 'How To Move To Canada' Google Search Goes Up By 700%

Oregon, Colorado and Washington were the top three states with the highest Google searches to move to Canada, according to Google Trends

As the U.S. presidential election draws to a nail-biting finish, Americans — yet again — are finding ways to move out of "the land of the free." Worried over the results of the country's one of the most crucial elections, Americans turned to seek solace in their northern neighbor Canada.

On Election Day, Google search for 'how to move to Canada' originating in the U.S. surged up by at least 700 percent compared to the trends on Monday. Oregon, Colorado and Washington were the top three states with the highest Google searches to move to Canada, according to Google Trends. American users also searched information on 'Canadian citizenship requirements,' 'what country should I move to' and 'Canada map' among related queries.

How to move to Canada

Who Can Move To Canada In Covid-19 Pandemic?

Canada reported fewer Covid-19 cases compared to the U.S. According to Johns Hopkins University's latest data, Canada's mortality rates for per 100,000 population (both confirmed cases and healthy people) stood at 27.69 as opposed to America's 70.07 deaths per 100,000.

Canada intended to keep its coronavirus cases low and placed restrictions on foreign nations entering the country. Currently, the only foreign nationals who are allowed to enter Canada are immediate or extended family members of a Canadian citizen, some international students and temporary foreign workers.

Canadian flag
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'Emotional Support Canadian'

Canadians on Twitter offered emotional support to anxious Americans over the elections. A user who went by the handle @Darth_Pingu initiated the emotional support to Americans and soon the trend caught up.

"Emotional Support Canadians are on standby. If you have not yet received your Emotional Support Canadian, one will be assigned to you shortly," read the tweet, which garnered over 16,000 retweets and nearly 110,000 likes.

Americans welcomed the support as several Twitter users said they would require the support.

Twitter Flooded With Memes

Amid the election anxiety, Americans joked about their attempts to move to Canada. Some tweets suggested the country to open up its borders for the U.S. citizens, while others simply made light of the situation.

This is not the first time that Google search to move to Canada spiked amid political happenings in the U.S. In September, 'moving to Canada' surged on Google after the first presidential debate that was marked by endless interruptions, verbal attack and disregard to the moderator's request to maintain decorum.

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