US Doomsday Plane Designed to Survive Nuclear War Spotted Over Europe; What Are 'Flying Pentagon' Features?

An American 'doomsday plane', designed to be operated as mobile airspace during a nuclear war, has been spotted flying over Europe amid the Ukraine-Russia war. The plane, also known as Flying Pentagon, costs around £150 million. The plane was spotted flying over the English Channel.

The Boeing 747 E4-B aircraft is capable of remaining in the air for days and can withstand the electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear blast.

US doomsday plane
US doomsday plane US Defense Department

Since Cold War, the US has maintained a fleet of such planes with plans to use those all as a base at the time of nuclear war. One of such aircraft is always ready to take off. The aircraft is designed to house defense secretaries and senior defense personnel.

US doomsday plane
US doomsday plane US Defense Department

Why Nightwatch is over Europe Amid Ukraine War?

The Flying Pentagon is believed to have taken off from the US as part of a convoy shuttling US President Joe Biden over Europe amid the Ukraine war.

GRIM99 is supporting Biden's trip to Europe as the US President flew over in Air Force One to attend a key summit in Europe when it is facing challenges due to war in Ukraine. The aircraft flew from Washington crossed over the Atlantic and the English Channel before circling an area just north of Cambridge, according to the flight tracking app, Flight Radar 24 and it is believed to have headed for RAF Mildenhall, reported Daily Mirror.

What Does Flying Pentagon Have?

The doomsday planes are known worldwide but their full capabilities still remain a big secret. The Nightwatch has a capacity for 112 people on board and it has three decks. The plane can stay airborne for 12 hours and with the help of aerial refueling, it can stay airborne for days.

The plane has thermal and nuclear shielding and to protect it in the event of a blast and it windows are reported to have wire mesh. The doomsday aircraft has 18 bunkers, a briefing room, conference room, executive quarters, work areas and six bathrooms.

The Nightwatch is facilitated with technology that helps the plane to communicate with any American aircraft, submarine, or ship anywhere in the world.