Urban Meyer Exposed: New Video Shows Jaguars Coach Fondling Blonde Woman's Butt [WATCH]

As he apologized a new six-second video clip emerged that shows him laying his right hand on the blonde woman's jeans, on her derriere and fondling her bum.

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A day after becoming a trending topic on social media, Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer apologized to his family, team and owner Shad Khan for "being a distraction" after video showed him with hanging out with a mystery blonde woman at a bar. However, as he apologized a longer version of the video from a new angle made its way to social media that shows him fondling the bum of the blonde woman.

The new video as now gone viral despite Meyer's making a desperate effort to manage the situation. Moreover, the video surfaced at a time when his team is already reeling under pressure after suffering the fourth straight loss on Thursday to open the season.

Getting too Close

On Monday, Meyer called a team meeting and addressed the situation. "I just apologized to the team and the staff for being a distraction. It was stupid," Meyer said during a morning news conference ahead of Week 5. "I explained everything that happened and owned it, and, you know, just stupid, should not have had myself in that kind of position."

He then came up with an explanation about what exactly happened on the night when the video was shot. "There was a big group next to our restaurant, and they wanted me to come over and take pictures and I did," he said, adding that the group was "trying to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing around, and I should have left."

Although, Meyer regretted his decision and apologized, he isn't as innocent as he claimed at the press conference. As he apologized a new six-second video clip emerged that shows him laying his right hand on the blonde woman's jeans, on her derriere and fondling her bum, while he is seated on a stool and she is standing up.

Dirty Habits

The mystery blonde woman is the same lady who was seen in the short nine-second clip posted a day earlier, wherein she is seen grinding on a married Meyer, who appears to be sitting on a barstool while his arms interpose between his and her body.

Blonde woman Urban Meyer
Mysterious blonde woman seen grinding up on Urban Meyer Twitter

More pictures of Meyer drinking next to other women at the same bar surfaced shortly after the video became viral.

That said, Meyer's apology was unconditional to his team for the "distraction' he created. "I've always been so defensive of (my players)," he said. "I remember when (rookie quarterback) Trevor (Lawrence) told me he was going to go to Vegas for his bachelor party. I was just like, "My gosh, man, be careful and surround yourself because I've seen this happen."'

Meyer has been married to wife Shelley Mather Meyer for 35 five years and shares children Nicole, Gisela, and Nathan with her. While Mayer was having a ball with the blonde woman at the bar, his wife was babysitting their grandchildren.

Meyer said he apologized to his family, without naming wife Shelley Meyer. "Of course I did. That's not me. Oh yeah, they were upset," he said.

Meyer didn't fly back with his team following Jacksonville's 24-21 loss at Cincinnati on Thursday night. Instead, he stayed back in Ohio and partied on the pretext of spending time with his family. Meyer has been having a rough few months. His players seem to be turning on him and ownership is rapidly losing faith in his way of doing things.