Is Urban Meyer Infidel? Mystery Blonde Woman Seen Grinding Up on Jaguars Coach in Nightclub [VIDEO]

The short clip that only lasts five seconds shows Meyer sitting on a barstool, while the blonde woman in jeans starts dancing in front of Meyer, as his arms interpose between his and the woman's bodies.

Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer became a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday after a video of a young blonde woman trying to grind up on him went viral on social media. Another picture appeared to show Meyer smiling as he posed for a photo with the woman. It's unclear when the video was taken.

The video was shared by Twitter account @ChiefSVP and has racked up more than 2,000 likes although there is no mention when it was taken. The video lasts for just a few seconds but the way the blonde woman was grinding herself, also resulted in the generation of several memes.

Wild Grind

The short clip that only lasts five seconds shows Meyer sitting on a barstool and wearing white shorts and a pink long-sleeved Ohio State sweatshirt, while the blonde woman is seen sporting a jeans. She then starts dancing in front of Meyer, as his arms interpose between his and the woman's bodies.

Also, several photos of Meyer drinking next to other women at the same bar soon made their way to the social media, shortly after the video went viral. Another Twitter account @TheOllieC shared a screenshot from an Instagram story, in which a woman is seen next to the coach with the picture captioned "WHO IS THIS HE KEEPS FLIRTING WITH ME."

Blonde woman Urban Meyer
Mysterious blonde woman seen grinding up on Urban Meyer Twitter

Although it is unclear when the video was shot, it appears it was over the weekend, probably on Friday, the day Meyer went home to Ohio after the Jaguars lost 0-4 to the Cincinnati Bengals.

That said, moments after the video became viral, social media users started coming up with questions about Meyers' infidelity.

Is Meyers Infidel?

One of the many reasons behind the rumors is because Meyers in the photographs is shown wearing his ring on the day the video was filmed. Meyer has been married to wife Shelley Mather Meyer for 35 five years and shares children Nicole, Gisela, and Nathan with her.

Minutes before the video went viral, Mather retweeted a picture of her husband with the same outfit at the bar in question. Thus, many now believe that the video was posted on the day it was actually shot.

While all this was happening at the nightclub, Mather was babysitting her two grandchildren at home. In fact, she shared pictures of herself playing with the two kids at home and captioned them; "Meanwhile I am babysitting #MyChoice #MimiRules #BuddyDeservedANightOut."

Users on social media had mixed reactions on the video, with some immediately judging his character. "If your married and you love your wife, do not go to places that are EASY hook-up joints. There are plenty of places to get a drink that are far less obvious for potential hook-up's," said Twitter user @JoeMilam10.

However, many like Kevin Taylor, immediately jumped to his defense, saying that he was trying to be respectful and not cause a scene. "If you look at it he's keeping his hands there to prevent her bottom from rubbing against him. He's trying to be respectful," Taylor said.

That said the Florida Times-Union reported that the Jaguars were not issuing a statement or clarification about the video. Meyer has his usual morning press conference on Monday as the team prepares for Week 5.