Racist Trump Supporters Shout 'White Power,' 'F**K Black Lives' in North Carolina

In one of the videos, one Trump supporter yelled 'no they f**king don't, b**ch' as a counter-protester stood holding 'Black Lives Matter' sign

A convoy of President Donald Trump's supporters carrying Confederate flags and 'Trump 2020' banners hurled abuses at passers-by declaring "white power" and "f**k black lives" in North Carolina. The convoy was a part of a rally reportedly organized via Facebook by a member of Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) over the weekend.

Megan Squire, a computer science professor at Elon University, posted a series of videos of Twitter showing the Trump supporters making racist comments as their convoy drove through Elon and Graham in Alamance County. She was one of the counter-protesters. In one of the videos, one Trump supporter yelled "no they f**king don't, b**ch" as Squire stood holding "Black Lives Matter" sign.

"Later the Hate Convoy rolled past the Confederate Participation Trophy in town, and another one called me by name and told me it was 'a great day to be a Trump supporter' and that 'Confederate Lives Matter'," Squire wrote in one of her tweets.

Another video showed two men yelling "four more years, b**ch" — referring to Trump's potential win in the upcoming presidential election. The men could be heard telling her "be hit by a train next."

Gary Williamson, a member of the ACTBAC and the organizer of the rally, criticised the abuses and remarks.

"I am absolutely 100 percent against anything that was said or actions that were done by those two people," Williamson told the News & Observer."It is disgusting and sick."

Alamance County Trump Convoy
President Donald Trump's supporters shouted "f**k black lives" during a rally in North Carolina on Sep. 20, 2020. Flickr/Anthony Crider

Young Republicans of Alamance NC issued a statement on Saturday distancing itself from the parade and the statements. It said the event was organized separately and "followed our rally yesterday at ACE speedway."

"I find any use of ethnic slurs or insults atrocious, racism has no place In our country. Any type of racism will not be tolerated in my meetings/events including the confederate flag, racial slurs and any type of insults," T.L. Mann, the group chairman, said.

The Southern Poverty Law Center listed ACTBAC as a hate group in 2016. The group was founded in 2015 to protest the sale of church property to a local Muslim community that intended to use the place for as a mosque, the SPLC said.

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