Unvaccinated Virginia Man Battling for Life Pleads to Anti-Vaccine Brigade to Take Their Shots

An unvaccinated Virginia man who believed he was ''invincible'' to get Covid-19 is hospitalized post contracting the virus and is battling for life in the intensive care unit.

Travis Campbell, 43, has been in the hospital for a week and his condition has still not returned to normal and is put under multiple breathing tubes to remain alive and his situation is grim.

Travis Campbell Covid 19 coronavirus
Facebook / Travis Campbell

Travis, in a recent video posted on Facebook pleads to anti-vaxxers to take their shots and urged them to stop peddling lies that could lead to potential death.

''I made it through another whole night, and I'm thankful to see daylight,'' Travis is heard saying in the video. ''Every single breath is like swinging an axe,'' he continues. He then goes on for 11 minutes explaining his condition and wishes to have had taken the vaccine.

Hundreds of people poured in their comments wishing him a speedy recovery and many others stated that they've booked their vaccination slots after looking at his condition in the video and hearing his plea. ''Getting mine and my wife Friday no way before would I have gotten them we knew instantly had to be done,'' wrote a user.

His wife Kellie Campbell worries that he might be put on ventilator if his condition does not turn to the better and regrets that they assumed they were ''invincible'' to the virus.

''We just thought we were invincible and we weren't going to get it. And we've just been so busy, and we just moved, and we prolonged getting the vaccine,'' she said to NBC News.

Travis Campbell Covid 19 coronavirus
Facebook / Travis Campbell

Kellie also urged people to go ahead and take the vaccine stating that she doesn't want to see anyone else suffer what her husband is going through.

''If you have to take time off work, if you have to miss out on something, you need to go get the vaccine, because we didn't, and look where we are now. I mean, that should be your top priority. Especially not just for you, but your family members,'' she said to NBC.

Travis was first admitted to a regular room at the hospital and as his condition worsened, he then went to a Covid ICU room, and now he's placed in the pulmonary ICU room.