Anti-Vaccine Night-Club Boss who Mocked People For 'Experimental Dose' Dies of Covid-19

A night-club boss who worked as a manager at the Club Louis in North Yorkshire, who mocked people for taking the vaccine, has died of Covid-19. The man had called those who took vaccine as being a part of an ''experimental dose'' by the world governments and also went on several Facebook rants on how the big pharma industry is trying to control and benefit from this all.

David Parker, 56, contracted the virus two weeks ago and his condition turned worse despite hospitalization and passed away at Darlington Memorial Hospital on August 2, 2021 despite having no underlying conditions.

Vaccine Covid-19 Coronavirus
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His death comes just weeks after he condemned the vaccine and spread conspiracy theories against pharmaceutical companies on his Facebook handle and poked fun of those who took the jab.

Also, during the anti lockdown protests in London in July, Parker shared the images on his Facebook handle writing ''brilliant'' and added the clapping emojis to it.

His family members are now devastated by his death and urged everyone to take the vaccine and not believe in hearsay that is raging on the internet.

Parker was also an active member in the Facebook group 'The Unvaccinated Arms' which has around 22,000 members and urged in the group to his fellow anti-vaxxers not to use the words 'covid, coronavirus and vaccine' as Facebook might take the page down and asked everyone to post without using the words.

Vaccine Covid-19 Coronavirus
Representational image / Pixabay

Parker's close friend Steve Wignall, 59, opened up to The Sun saying he is deeply disturbed at his death and his family members are distressed at how things turned out.

''His family are devastated, they were very close and loved each other dearly. But despite their terrible loss they would like it to be known that they're encouraging everyone to please get vaccinated because they don't want others to suffer as they are now,'' he said.

Wignall revealed that he too tested positive the same day Parner tested positive and was quarantined at home for two weeks. Thankfully, he said that he was fully vaccinated and his health remained stable and tested negative post isolation. ''He (Mr. Parker) didn't believe in it (vaccine) and he didn't want it, it was out of distrust of the elite, frankly, and we couldn't change his mind,'' he said.