Untrained Girlfriend of MTA Motorman Defends Herself After Driving D Train Full of Passengers

Terrell Harris, an MTA motorman, was removed from service after he was accused of letting his untrained girlfriend drive the passenger-filled train through multiple stations in Brooklyn on Friday. The incident came to light after the video clip uploaded by Dominique Belgrave, on her social media, went viral.

Belgrave posted videos while driving the train on her Instagram story. Since the videos went viral, she has changed the privacy settings of her account.

MTA motorman
MTA motorman Terrell Harris' girlfriend seen driving the D train. Twitter

Belgrave and Harris Held Hands While Driving the Train

The New York Post reported that Harris, who was on a date with his girlfriend, allowed her to drive the train through the 50th Street, 55th Street and 62nd Street stations.

"Yes, this is me operating the train right now," Belgrave says in one of the videos posted on her story. In another video, as the train passes through underground stations, Belgrave is seen handling the controls solo while taking a selfie with her boyfriend.

mta motorman
Dominique Belgrave posted pictures and videos on her Instagram. Twitter

In another video, Harris is seen cautioning Belgrave about the markers instructing operators to stop are difficult to spot from inside the cab, the woman says, "Y'all ain't put the stickers in a visible place!"

Belgrave, says "Back inside I go," as she is seen entering the public section of the car. She captioned the post, "Conducting The D u hurdddd."

Belgrave Accuses MTA Workers of Cyberbullying

The outlet reported that the videos were widely circulated among the MTA workers following which the matter was reported to the NYPD.

Issuing a statement, Interim Transit President Craig Cipriano said Harris will be disciplined. "This video is beyond egregious showing a train operator who betrayed the trust of New Yorkers while creating a dangerous condition. I want to assure customers that the operator involved has been removed from service and will no longer be allowed to control a train," he said in the statement.

Following the backlash, Belgrave, who has a Facebook account in the name of Nicky Kelly, accused MTA workers of cyber bullying. "All you MTA f**kers tryna add me on my Facebook and IG eat a big fat Turtle neck cheesy Dick how bout that," she wrote in one of the post.

In another post, Belgrave, while defending her actions said, "It doesn't change the fact it happened 2 Days ago nobody died it wasn't a bumpy ride," she said in the lengthy post.