Unruly Haitian Migrants Seen Biting ICE Agents, Assaulting Pilots on Deportation Flights [VIDEO]

Viral videos on social media show how pilots and ICE officials have been trying to save themselves from the assault of Haitian immigrants.

Haitian immigrants who are being deported back have been uncontrollable at the Laughlin Air Force Base and have been creating ruckus and assaulting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. In one incident on Tuesday, two migrant Haitians left their seats and attacked ICE agents by biting them.

According to the Washington Examiner, the sudden assault on the pilots while the flight was taxied on the runway delayed its takeoff. Reports of Haitian migrants who are being deported back Port-au-Prince, creating rampage at airports has now become a new challenge for law enforcement officials.

Complete Chaos

Haitian Migrants
Haitian migrants assaulting ICE officials Twitter

Viral videos on social media show how pilots and ICE officials have been trying to save themselves from the unruly Haitian immigrants. In one horrifying incident on Monday, two Haitians who were being deported and were put in the flight, suddenly left their seats and attacked ICE agents by biting them, forcing the takeoff to be delayed. The incident happened in Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas.

In another incident Haitian migrants assaulted two pilots, who work for a government contractor licensed to fly deportation flights, and demanded that they be taken back to the United States, a source told the outlet. They also assaulted ICE officers. The incident happened at Port-au-Prince.

In yet another incident on Tuesday evening, Haitians attacked ICE officers at the Port-au-Prince airport. They migrants, who were on a plane carrying a group of single adult men, stormed another plane that had just arrived carrying deported families. They first bit the ICE officials and then assaulted them. However, the ICE officers suffered minor injuries, according to NBC News.

Major Crisis

In another incident, a group of men in white T-shirts rushed back toward the plane after they disembarked in Port-au-Prince, with one man attempting to get back on board, witnesses told Reuters.

Managing the Haitians now seems to be another challenge for the US government. Assaults on ICE officials and pilots have now been reported on multiple occasions over the past couple of days. In Monday's incident in Texas, federal assault charges will be brought against the migrants accused of biting the ICE officers.

"On Tuesday, Sept. 21, some adult migrants caused two separate disruptions on the tarmac after deplaning in Port-au-Prince, Haiti," a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said in a statement.

Over 10,000 Haitian migrants among several others have been staying in horrible conditions in a makeshift camp that sprang up under a bridge spanning the Rio Grande from the Texas town Del Rio to Mexico's Ciudad Acuna.

The US government is in the process of relocating many of them, while thousands of Haitians will be deported back. Over the past couple of days, around 4,000 migrants from the impromptu camp have been removed for processing in detention centers. Around 1,000 Haitians have been deported back to their country on flights, with repatriations set to continue on a regular basis, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said.