Unlock WhatsApp with your fingerprint; latest safety feature is now on Android

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature out on Android. Those who want to use this feature should follow the process - WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy

Now Facebook-owned WhatsApp gets a fingerprint authentication feature, which allows users to unlock the app using the biometric option. Previously, WhatsApp introduced features like Touch ID and Face ID for iPhone devices to enhance the safety and privacy level of the users. So, as a matter of privacy and security of users, the messaging app brings the same feature, which is now available on Android devices.

Earlier, this feature was first available for the users as a beta update. Now it's official, as WABetainfo says that – to use this biometric feature, the users should update their WhatsApp version to beta update.

You might find this feature in the earlier update of WhatsApp but it might have some unfixed bugs that got fixed in the new version of the messaging app. If you have already updated the app but you still can't visualize the feature in the app, then backup your whole chat history and reinstall the WhatsApp.

This feature is not yet available for all regions. Those who can use this feature or access it, follow the step by step process - WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy – After visiting the privacy option, you'll find the fingerprint option. Swipe the toggle to the right to activate this feature.

WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature out on Android
WhatsApp fingerprint unlock feature out on Android WhatsApp

Below the toggle, you can also see the time-limit options (Immediately, after one-minute, after 30-minutes) for locking the app and also another toggle to prevent the messages from viewing as notifications. Set the automatic lock time limit as per your requirements and convenience.

This latest biometric feature on Android brings additional security for the users and prevents someone who's checking your phone from accessing your WhatsApp. This feature keeps the chat conversations protected and private from others, which is very important in today's world.