The Undertaker sought advice only from this superstar in WWE

Steve Austin Interviews The Undertaker
The Undertaker speaks to Steve Austin in Broken Skull Sessions. WWE

The Undertaker (Mark William Calaway) has spoken about his career in WWE in length with Steve Austin on his Broken Skull Sessions which was premiered on WWE Network after Survivor Series on Sunday, 24 November. The Deadman has revealed quite a few lesser-known back-stage stories in his 3-decade career in the entertainment sport.

One among them is about The Undertaker about a star with whom he sought advice whenever he required in WWE. "Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, man — brilliant mind. Unbelievable insight on how to put that character together and he would tell me like he would listen to Pink Floyd or he would listen to Black Sabbath which, you know that got me, 'Okay I'm gonna get some heat for this' I would look in the Bible for different verses. Back then it didn't bother me as much to alter it around a little bit, you know who am I tell?"

The Dead Man stated that he then started looking for innovative ideas for making his character unique. He said, "So I started looking outside the box on how to put this character together and he would — he didn't even tell me this, but I heard him tell 'Once the music starts you are that person,' you know I probably took it a step further because I stayed that person for the first five or six years, but he had so many good innovative ways to put things together and to look at different aspects of the business that no one got,"

The Undertaker added, "Jake never was a screamer and that was something I knew I wasn't gonna be. I knew it was gonna be a slow, methodical promo and then when Paul Bearer came along it was easy because he had that high-pitched creepy thing that got people and then I would come in with you know, 'Rest In Peace.'"

The 54-year old, who was last seen in the ring alongside Roman Reigns when he defeated Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules in June, has spoken about being concussed at WrestleMania 30 and many other interesting stories from his life which the viewers can watch on WWE Network.

After he left WCW in 1990, The Undertaker signed a contract with WWE and became a superstar in a matter of years. His gimmick worked big time and remains the legend in the sports-entertainment.