The Undertaker reveals his bizarre fear before his WWE debut in Survivor Series

The Undertaker with Steve Austin
The Undertaker with Steve Austin on The Broken Skull Sessions. A screen shot taken from the promo posted by WWE

A teaser from Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions on WWE Network has been unveiled on Tuesday, 19 November. The opening episode features The Undertaker having no-holds-barred discussion in the two-hour series.

In the teaser, The Undertaker, whose original name is Mark William Calaway, reveals an interesting story from the past. The Deadman had made his on-screen debut in 1990 at Survivor Series and he opens up on a strange fear that had haunted him before he did his first act.

In the promotional video, The Undertaker tells Austin about the way he was prepping up for his debut. The giant egg on the display caught his attention when he was watching the show at his home. He felt like he would be making his entry through the giant egg.

He says, "So, about the time I got my phone call, they were doing this promotion, o where on the show, you know back then they would do 3-4 weeks [TV recording] in a row, they had this gigantic egg on the set. So, now I'm... so I'm at home, right? And I'm trying to think everything I can do. I'm trying to grow my hair out, you know, I'm trying to come up with a different look, whatever it's going to take, right? So, this egg appears on the show, right?"

The Undertaker of the view that he would be The Egg Man in WWE. He continues, "And all of a sudden my mind just starts going... Oh man, they're going to bring me in... now this is how outlandish the gimmicks were then too, I'm gonna be The Egg Man. I have convinced myself, to the point where my stomach hurts, that I'm gonna be The Egg Man,"

In the end, it was Gobbledy Gooker, who broke out of the egg, and it turned out to be one of the worst gimmicks of the WWE history. Whereas The Undertaker, who was a mystery partner in The Million Dollar team led by Ted Dibiase, got one of the most celebrated gimmicks.

The complete interview of The Undertaker on Austin's show will be aired immediately after WWE Survivor Series on Sunday, 17 November.