Will Triple H lace up his boots for NXT's men's team at Survivor Series?

Triple H
Triple H. Triple H Twitter Account

With only five days left for the WWE's Survivor Series, here comes an interesting rumour. Triple H might be one of the members in the NXT team in the triple threat match, but the final call has not been taken on the issue, yet.

According to a tweet, posted by WrestleVotes, the creative has been pushing the idea of Triple H joining hands with the Team NXT in the men's elimination match, but internally, it has been met with mixed response. In fact, he is against the idea and the final decision is yet to be taken on it.

The triple threat match will be played among the Team RAW (Captain Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Ricochet, Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre), Team SmackDown (Captain Roman Reigns, Shorty G, Ali, King Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman) and the five superstars from team Team NXT will be known on Wednesday, 20 November. Adam Cole might be the captain of this team if Triple H is not part of the match.

The general perception among the fans is that Triple H's presence could overshadow the stars from NXT team. So, many feel that he should not step into the ring at the Survivor Series.

How do fans react to this rumour?

Jake @TheWrazzlinKid: Good on HHH for letting his stars shine, he knows the spotlight should not be on him.

Colin the Wrestling Fan @WrestlingChump: Absolutely the only reasons he should be in is if he is needed to strap a rocket to someone which in this case isn't warranted. I'm glad that he sees that himself and is willing to let the guys go out and prove themselves without his rub

JSRiley87 @Riley87Js: Triple H being a true leader and letting his young talent have the spotlight

Callum Owen @callumowen98: Think it should be similar to 2014 survivor series where he interferes in the match and tries to help team NXT win, wonder if Seth loses tonight to Andrade he could be on team NXT, would be cool if there team isn't unveiled until night of survivor series

You've Got A ??Fiend?? In Me?? @PeteIsntDunne: NXT is the present and future... Not the past. Triple H shouldn't be in it and I'm glad he doesn't want to be in it.

This article was first published on November 19, 2019