The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch Ending Explained, Episode 12 (Finale) Recap, Review

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch ending focussed on the rescue mission of Ma Ju Seok. So Mun leads the counters to a new path while releasing the firefighter from the evil spirits in episode 12. They risked their lives to summon the evil spirit without harming the firefighter. People in Korea watched the last episode on TV. International K-drama fans enjoyed the finale with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Hwang Pil Gwang became stronger after entering Ma Ju Seok's body. He killed many people in the broadcasting station before challenging the counters. After the counters realized the transformation of Ma Ju Seok into an evil spirit, they had an emergency meeting at the Yang. Although the counters had to destroy the evil spirit immediately, Mun was against the idea. He wanted to protect the firefighter.

In the meantime, Hwang Pil Gwang set a trap for So Mun. He wanted to kill the powerful counter and get his powers. The evil spirit left several clues for the counters to chase him. But the counters were busy finding a way to create a better ending. So Mun and Ga Mo Tak had diffrence in opinion. It affected the teamwork. Although Do Ha Na, Na Jeok Bong, and Chu Mae Ok tried their best to bring peace, they did not succeed for a while.

The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch
The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch poster Twitter/Kim Se Jeong

A Strong Teamwork

The teamwork between the counters nearly helped them overpower Hwang Pil Gwang. But the counters wanted So Mun to bring back Ma Ju Seok by going inside his mind. So Mun knew it was dangerous. Still, he agreed to do it for his teammates. The counters nearly lost their lives while fighting the evil spirit. The action-packed sequences in the last episode of The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch kept the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The counters managed to summon the evil spirit through a big fight. So Mun separated the evil spirit from inside the firefighter's mind. It was an achievement for the counters. They managed to summon an evil spirit without losing anything. Soon, Yang became a platform for celebration. They all celebrated the victory with their counterparts.

A Trip Abroad

Shortly, Mun went on a trip abroad to train the counters across the globe while his teammates worked together against the evil spirits in the country. So Mun met Wi Gen's daughter, Jade, in Germany during his trip abroad. He helped in their reunion and returned to Korea to work with his teammates. The firefighter also got his happy ending. So Mun helped the firefighter reunite with his wife for a short period. They spoke briefly and promised to meet again.