Ulzzang Generation star and streamer Lee Chi Hoon dies at 32; unexpected death sends shock waves

Reports claim Lee Chi Hoon died of acute septicemia on March 19, but reports are not yet officially confirmed

Just day after actor Moon Ji Yoon's death, the news of passing away of Ulzzang Generation' star, streamer Lee Chi Hoon has sent shockwaves across Korean entertainment industry. Lee Chi Hoon was 32 when he breathed his last on March 19.

Reports also claim that Lee Chi Hoon also died of acute septicemia. Surprisingly, even 36-year-old Moon Ji Yoon also died of septicemia. But the reason for death of Lee Chi Hoon is not officially confirmed yet. According to Soompi, Lee Chi Hoon suffered from lymphadenitis (inflamed and enlarged lymph nodes) and fatigue. As he had fever, he was tested for coronavirus. But the tests were negative and doctors stated that he did not have coronavirus.

Lee Chi Hoon dies

Lee Chi Hoon

However, his fever did not subside and he was shifted to the intensive care unit. But he failed to respond to the treatment and breathed his last in the hospital. Lee Chi Hoon's funeral took place in private at 7.30 am (KST). Lee Chi Hoon is known for his performance in shows including "Ulzzang Generation" and "Flower Boy Corporation." His latest stint was as a broadcast jockey on AfreecaTV.

Lee Chi Hoon was said to be active on social media till recently. In fact, after his first hospital visit too Lee Chi Hoon had spoken through his official YouTube channel and social media too that he was suffering from lymphatic inflammation and as he was experiencing body aches too expressed fear that he hopes it is not coronavirus. He even said that he didn't even have enough strength to hold the mouse and that is why he was posting the message through his phone.

Moon Ji Yoon died because of acute septicemia

Actor Moon Ji Yoon was admitted to hospital as he complained of sore throat. His agency confirmed that he tested negative for coronavirus. His condition got worse as he slipped into coma. The agency said that he died of acute septicemia and the sudden death had shocked the family and fans.

South Korea has faced even an epidemic like coronavirus effectively. The death rate compared to other countries is minimal in the country. At a time of spread of coronavirus, methods used by South Korea are being praised as the country slipped from second position to the eighth in terms of most cases of coronavirus. But it is sad that two celebrities died within a gap of a day, despite the country having one of the best medical facilities.

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