Actor Moon Ji Yoon dies of septicemia at 36; label confirms it was not Coronavirus

Actor Moon Ji Yoon who was 36, breathed his last on March 18 due to acute septicemia, his label Family ENT clarified that he tested negative for coronavirus

South Korean actor Moon Ji Yoon breathed his last on the night of March 18. The 36-year-old actor was admitted in a hospital as he complained of sore throat. Reports claim that he died of acute septicemia or sepsis that also known as blood poisoning.

The records state that Moon Ji Yoon died at 8.56 pm in a private hospital, where he was being treated in the ICU. He was taken to the hospital on March 16, but as his condition worsened he was shifted to the ICU. But the actor lost consciousness and succumbed to illness on March 18.

His label Family ENT confirmed his death and expressed shock over the news. It released a statement and said that he was passionate about his work. He only thought of acting and left the earth too soon. "He was a healthy man, but suddenly left this world due to acute septicemia. He had a strong passion for acting. He really only thought about acting, he left us way too early," it stated.

Not COVID-19

Moon Ji Yoon

As the actor had sore throat that led to cold and fever, there were speculations that the actor might have been suffering from coronavirus. But his label issued a clarification and said that he was not suffering from COVID-19.

"He was tested negative for COVID-19 and was allowed to be hospitalized. He was rushed to the emergency room after he got a bacterial infection from his sore throat. Through examinations, it was discovered that many of his organs showed signs of abnormality so he was transferred to the ICU. It appeared his fever had severely damaged his organs," stated Family ENT.


His funeral will be held at the Inje University Hospital, funeral parlor number three. It is said that the family wants to hold his funeral in private. The family is said to have expressed their concerns about the coronavirus. Considering the safety of mourners, they have refused visits from fans to the actor's funeral.

It also said that while in hospital, his family had assured them that it was nothing serious as he did not have any health issues other than sore throat. It was too sudden and shocking for his family too.

An illustrated career

Moon Ji Yoon, who was born in 1984 had graduated from Kwangwoon University and is known for his performance in dramas including I Love Hyun Jung, Twent Years, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Rules of Love, How Much Love, Queen Seon Duk, Pink Lipstick, Big, May Queen, Awl, Cheese in the Trap, The Sound of your Heart, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

Last year he appeared in the drama Golden Garden and How Are You Bread that was released early this year and was the last drama of the actor.

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