UK's top Coronavirus advisor steps down after he reportedly met a woman breaking lockdown rules

Professor Neil Ferguson part of the advisory team helping the UK coordinate its pandemic response has stepped down from Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

One of the top advisors of UK on coronavirus resigned today from his post after media reported that he had allowed the entry of a woman twice at his home while breaking the lockdown rules. Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies resigned from the from key government panel.

His resignation was confirmed by a government spokesperson. After tendering his resignation, he is said to have told that he made an error of judgement and took the wrong course of action.

The reason for resignation

Neil Ferguson
Professor Neil Ferguson Twitter

The woman who visited him at home is said to be his lover. "I deeply regret any undermining of the clear messages around the continued need for social distancing to control this devastating epidemic," he said, says AFP report.

Professor Ferguson was on the advisory team helping the UK coordinate its pandemic response. He had earlier advised the leaders of UK on following coronavirus lockdown measures. Britain had upped its ante against coronavirus following the research conducted by Ferguson and his team at Imperial College London. The research had warned that COVID-19 infections and deaths would spiral without if drastic action is not taken.

The report about a woman visiting Ferguson at his home was reported by Daily Telegraph. Reacting to this, Ferguson reportedly said that he had allowed the visit as he believed that he was immune to coronavirus. He also said that he had completely isolated himself for two weeks after developing the symptoms of COVID-19 and testing positive for coronavirus infection.

Social distancing in the UK

The social distancing is effective in the UK, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement of lockdown for three weeks on May 23. Accordingly, only essential services are open and citizens were advised not to step out expect to buy essential items needed and for exercise purpose. Cops were also directed to impose fine of people who flout the lockdown rules.

As the numbers of those infected by coronavirus are not going down as expected, lockdown orders were extended for another three weeks. Currently, the UK has the fourth highest coronavirus cases after the USA, Spain and Italy. As on May 6, 2020, the confirmed cases in the UK are 194,990 and deaths reported are 29,427.

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