Ukrainian Civilians Poison Russian Soldiers; Two Dead, Hundreds Severely ill

Civilians have poisoned some Russian soldiers in Ukraine. They fed poisoned pie to Russian soldiers which led to the death of two and severely injured many.

The incident took place in Izyum near Kharkiv where civilians have been fighting back against Russian soldiers as the troops had destroyed great tracts of the city with relentless shell attacks. As many as 28 Russian soldiers were put in the intensive care in Izium after the poisoning.

Ukraine Defence Intelligence Directorate has confirmed that the 3rd Russian Motor Rifle division was poisoned.

Russian troops
Russian troops Twitter

"Ukrainians resist the occupiers by all available means. According to available information, local residents of the Izium district (Kharkiv region) 'treated' Russians from the 3rd Motorized Rifle Division of the Russian Federation with poisoned pies. As a result, two invaders were killed at once, another 28 went to intensive care. Their current state is to be specified," announced the intelligence directorate.

It was also claimed that another further 500 soldiers from 3 Motostrils Divison are in hospital due to alcohol poisoning but the origin of the poisoning remains unknown.

Poisoned pie
Poisoned pie Twitter

The Izyum city is likely to witness more conflict in the future as Russian troops are now intensifying attacks in east Ukraine. It is also believed that Russian troops could launch an amphibious offensive on Odessa. On Sunday morning, a Russian airstrike rocked the city.

The area is strategic for Russian troops as Moscow could allow troops to use the area as a base for its continued assault on Donbas. With this town, Russian could easily supply more troops in the region as the city is close to the Russian border.

It came as mass graves were found in the Kyiv region after Russian troops withdrew from the region and pictures of civilian bodies with their hands tied behind their back in Bucha were also circulated on social media. It drew condemnation from the human rights group and suggested that Moscow is involved in grave rights abuse in the war.