Ukrainian Brewery Starts Selling Molotov Cocktails Named 'Putin Is a D-ckhead' Instead of Beer

A brewery in the western Ukraine city if Lviv has suspended the sale of beer and is selling Molotov cocktails instead to help residents fight off the Russian invasion.

The brewery announced the plans after Ukraine's Defense Ministry instructed civilians to make Molotov cocktails to resist invading Russian forces.

'Putin Is a D-ckhead'

Putin Huilo
The "Putin Huilo" being served at the Pravda brewery in Lviv. Twitter

Images circulating on social media show the Molotovs on the bar's shelves. The label reads, "Putin Huilo," which reportedly translates to "Putin is a D-ckhead."

The label features caricatures of Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev seated on his lap, holding a Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines airplane – the same one that was shot down by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

Putin is seen holding a nuclear warhead in his left hand while on the right, ex Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych is seen wearing a mouse suit inspired by an iconic Russian cartoon character. Yanukovych, who fled Ukraine for Russia after was removed from office during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, is seen holding a sign that reads, ""I am the legitimate president, I am alive," a statement he made when the Ukrainians revolted against him.

'Our Freedom Is At Stake'

The Pravda Brewery took to Instagram seeking donations not only to help the Ukrainian Army, but also to raise funds for the materials to construct the gasoline bombs, or donate the ingredients to the brewery.

"Our freedom is at stake," they wrote on Instagram, where they further suggested they are no strangers to this alternative kind of cocktail.

"Many of you have written comments about improving the design of cocktails. Thanks! Remember - we are not a big but professional brewery and we do a lot of research! Not just a theory - many of us went through the bloody street protests of 2014, which overthrew the ex-president, who is now hiding in Russia. Practice helps!"

On Sunday, the brewery also advertised that they had opened in a number of locations across the city either underground or where there is shelter in case of a threat and will be offering free tea and coffee to the military, police, and National Guard.