Ukraine War: Video Captures Moment 2 Russian Saboteurs Are Gunned Down after Stealing Ukrainian Army Truck [GRAPHIC]

Video captured from inside one of the apartments overlooking the car park shows a military truck carrying an artillery gun rolling from the road and into the car park, all while being riddled with gunfire.

Two Russian saboteurs were killed in a deadly machine-gun skirmish that broke out on a street in Kyiv on Friday while they were trying to flee in a stolen Ukrainian army truck. The harrowing moment was captured on camera which shows Ukrainian troops firing barrage of bullets at two Russian saboteurs in a car park in front of a large apartment block in Obolon, found north of Kyiv.

The two Russians had reportedly stolen a Ukrainian military truck while a tank crashed into a civilian's car during the gunfight. The video of the deadly combat that show the might of the Ukrainian forces has since gone viral.

Killed While on Rampage

The video shows, two men driving a Ukrainian army truck when suddenly bullet sounds could be heard. The truck then moves onto a parking loot when a barrage of bullets is pumped into the bodies of the two men who immediately fall onto the ground and die. The truck was later reported to have been stolen by two Russian saboteurs.

As gunshots rang off surrounding buildings, a tank – also reported to have been hijacked by Russians - crashed and smashed a civilian car on the road that ran through the parking lot. The driver, an old woman, miraculously survived the horrific collision, and rescuers were able to extract her from the debris later.

Russian saboteur
One of the two Russian saboteurs collapsing after being shot by Ukrainian forces Twitter

The two instances were initially reported as distinct incidents. However, a fresh video clip shared on social media revealed that they were actually related and were part of the same skirmish.

Video captured from inside one of the apartments overlooking the car park shows a military truck carrying an artillery gun rolling from the road and into the car park, all while being riddled with gunfire.

Russian Saboteur
The Russian saboteur falls dead Twitter

The vehicle's windows are seen to have been shot out, and the enormous khaki-green truck then loses control and comes to a halt in the center of the parking lot. While being shot at, one soldier in camouflage slumps from the back of the truck and onto the ground below. He looks to be seriously wounded form the gunshots.

Fierce Fighting

After a brief battle, the man comes to a halt and is seen motionless on the ground. While bullets can still be heard, a Ukrainian soldier is seen approaching the truck from the opposite side of the parking lot.

This is when the other incident happens. A big tank, which was also reportedly stolen by Russian saboteurs, is then shown rushing down the road that goes past where the truck came to a halt as the soldier closes in. The tank swerves to the left into the path of an oncoming civilian automobile travelling in the opposite direction, smashing with it at high speed.

The huge armored vehicle is seen in the video crushing the car beneath its weight and comes to a rest with some of the sedan still underneath it. Despite the massive crash behind him, the Ukrainian soldier is seen moving closer to the truck once more. Meanwhile, the tank reverses back off the automobile, which had been pushed backwards onto tram lines, crushing it for the second time.

It is not known what caused the tank to swerve. Since bullet shots can still be heard in the moments leading up to the accident, it can be assumed that it was hit by gunfire. The two instances were initially reported as two different incidents. After the skirmish and crash, photos of the site put some order to the mayhem.

The driver of the truck was also killed, apparently while driving the vehicle, in addition to the man who was shot dead on the ground close to the truck.

The two men were later identified as Russian saboteurs dressed in military fatigues in trying to enter Kyiv. However, this could not be confirmed right away. The images from across the road revealed the smashed automobile. Luckily, the driver survived.

The video emerges as Russian troops move into Kyiv, with Ukrainian soldiers putting up a great display of valor as they try to defend the capital amid heavy shelling.