Students Fooled Russian Soldiers to Escape War-Torn Ukraine [VIDEO]

Indian students reveal how some Pakistani, Turkish students got safe passage out of war-hit Ukraine.

As thousands of stranded students from different parts of the world in Ukraine seek help from their respective governments to make immediate arrangements for evacuation, most Indian students studying in the war-torn country have already to return to India. In a video released by Indian news agency, ANI, Indian students, who have managed to flee Ukraine amid what is described to be World War 3, has explained how they safely returned home from the foreign country and how some Pakistani and Turkish students stranded in Ukraine got safe passage to other neighboring countries.

In the video, some students are seen narrating that in order to get safe passage from Ukraine amid the ongoing war, they used Indian Flags and India's National Anthem to make Russian soldiers believe they are all Indians while leaving for airports in a bus to return to their home countries.

At the starting of the video, among a group of Indian students, one wearing a red and white colored T-shirt in the video tells a reporter that some of them had a discussion with some soldiers near a flat where they were staying. The student claims the soldiers told them, "If you are Indians you all need not worry, as India shares good relation with Russia.

Students in Ukraine

"So we quickly arranged Indian flags and hung them at front of the bus, which actually worked as they thought everyone inside the bus were Indian medical students. So they gave us clear passage," said the student, whose name has not been revealed in the viral video.

Here's the Video:

Speaking of how the students fooled the Russian soldiers to get safe passage out of the city, another male student in the video said that he was the one who made the Indian flags with curtains and went running to shops to get paints. "After hanging the flags, we sang the national anthem of India and left." When asked by the reporter if Pakistani and Turkish students held the India's tricolor to escape with them, the student responded that Indian flags worked for them too.

Meanwhile more than 8000 Indian students have already left Ukraine in special flights arranged by the Indian government. Sadly, one Indian student, Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar, 21, from Karnataka, a state in southwest India lost his life due to Russian shelling in Ukraine's Kharkiv region on Tuesday.