Ukraine War: Graphic Video Shows Wounded, Gasping Russian Soldier Shot Dead by Ukrainian Forces

Graphic video shows a wounded, gasping Russian soldier being shot dead by Ukrainian Forces.

Graphic video footage have emerged on social media that shows a wounded Russian soldier shot dead by Ukrainian soldiers on a road west side of Ukraine's war-torn capital Kyiv. The horrifying video shows the dead bodies of the apparently two Russian soldiers lying on the road soaked in a pool of blood. One of the soldiers who was shot by the forces can be seen struggling to breathe.

"He's still alive," a man is heard saying in the video that has been doing rounds on social media. "Film these marauders. Look, he's still alive. He's gasping," the man further says while another man to the right side of the camera lens shoots the dying man twice with his rifle into the man's torso. The wounded Russian soldier gasps again when he gets shot for the third time in the back before breathing his last.

Ukrainian soldiers killed the captured Russian troops in a village near Kyiv. The incident came to light after another graphic footage of a lone cyclist being shot dead by Russian tanks in the street of Bucha, Ukraine emerged on social media.
Graphic video of Russians shot dead
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Reportedly, the video which has been verified by The New York Times shows three other soldiers from Vladimir Putin's troops dead near the victim as they can be identified by white armbands, which is commonly worn by only Russian soldiers.

The camera then focuses on the dead bodies of the two other Russian soldiers lying on the road. One of the Russian soldiers with an obvious head wound is seen lying dead while his hands were tied behind his back while the other soldiers appears to be sporting blue-striped shirt of Russia's elite airborne troops, as per the NYT report.

While the Ukrainian soldiers has not been identified in the video, it has been reported that the scene depicted, and the Ukrainians seen in the graphic footage, look similar to those in a video that had been posted on March 30. That video showed a unit identified as the Georgian Legion, which is a foreign paramilitary unit fighting alongside Ukrainians.

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