Ukraine War: Chilling Moment Ukrainian Man Disposes off Anti-Tank Mine while Smoking a Cigarette as Russians Struggle to Penetrate Kyiv [WATCH]

The brave man, dressed in a black puffer coat and trousers, reportedly, discovered the land mine by a roadside in Berdyansk before quietly transferring it into a woodland.

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Civilians in Ukraine are showing their courage and spirit in the war against Russia and doing all the impossible. A chilling video that has emerged on social media captures the moment a defiant Ukrainian man casually got rid of an anti-tank mine with his bare hands - while puffing on a cigarette. The unnamed man was caught on camera appearing to risk his life as he moved the explosive device as Vladimir Putin's invasion continues to shock the country.

Ukrainians are being praised across the world for putting up a great show of their bravery to defend their country. A couple of days back a an Ukrainian soldier blew himself up along with a bridge to stop Russian tanks from advancing into the territory he was manning.

Guts and Glory

The brave man, dressed in a black puffer coat and trousers, reportedly, discovered the land mine by a roadside in Berdyansk before quietly transferring it into a woodland. Video footage shows, the man smoking a cigarette when he discovers the landmine.

He then casually takes it in his hand and carefully walks away with the explosive device across a road away from a bridge and places it in the woodland. He made the cameraman laugh as he continued to hoist the land mine across the street with his arms out in front of him. After placing the landmine in the woodland, he then walks away.

The video ends as the brave citizen continued walking through the woodland, removing the land mine out harm's way. The video went viral on social media, and Europeans were taken aback by the man's boldness.

Anti-tank mine dispose
The man seen casually disposing the anti-tank mine, while smoking a cigarette Twitter

"Southern Ukraine. You can be cool, but you'll never be ''I found this land mine on the road and decided to bring it to the nearby forest'' cool," wrote one Twitter user.

"Brave doesn't even describe what this guy is doing, he's moving an unexploded land mine away from houses into a wooded area," wrote another user.

"Just a man, cigarette in mouth, removing a landmine from under a bridge in Berdyansk, Ukraine. Unreal," yet another user wrote.

Ukrainians Showing Their Bravery

Reports and footages of deeds of bravery are being reported from across Ukraine as the country continues to defend itself from Russia for the past five days now. In another incident, Hundreds of heroic Ukrainians forced Russian tanks to come to a standstill by blocking a route on foot in another show of strength.

A disturbing video, believed to have been recorded in Koryukiva, Ukraine, mere miles from the Russian border, shows hordes of residents defying a tank convoy. In yet another display of courage, a woman advised a Russian soldier to carry sunflower seeds in his pockets so that when he died, they would grow on Ukrainian soil.

Tank stopping
A Ukrainian man trying to stop a line of Russian tanks. Twitter

Also, 13 Ukrainian soldiers when requested to surrender on Snake Island, instructed a Russian cruiser to "go f*** themselves."

Meanwhile President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has reportedly refused to be rescued from Kyiv and opted to stay on the frontline with his men. A

On the other hand, Putin on Sunday ordered Russian nuclear forces to be placed on high alert in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, escalating East-West tensions dramatically.

It comes as delegations from Kyiv and Moscow gear up to meet at the Belarus border "without preconditions" to begin peace negotiations. Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's foreign minister, said the meetings were convened after Zelenskyy and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko spoke when it was suspected that Belarus was preparing soldiers to join Moscow's invasion.