Ukraine-Russia war: Zelensky to Release Prisoners With Combat Experience to Fight Russians?

Volodymyr Zelensky to release prisoners to combat Russian invaders.

As Russian president Vladimir Putin orders military command to put nuclear deterrent forces on high alert, reports of Zelensky's new strategy in flighting Russian military surfaces on social media. According to a local media platform The Kyiv Independent, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said it was a difficult moral choice but that it was necessary for the country's defense to release prisoners from jail for fighting the Russian military amid the latest invasion.

"The key is defense now," Zelensky said according to the media platform. Meanwhile, millions of Ukranians are in fear for their lives amid the ongoing war. Civilians have started making bombs and picked up guns to fight the Russians invaders.

Reports suggest that high-level talks between leaders from Kyiv and Moscow are taking place at the Ukraine-Belarus border after Zelensky agreed to Zelensky has called the next 24 hours 'crucial' for Ukraine. Ukraine's military has claimed that the pace of Russia's assault has slowed down. However, over 350 Ukrainians have lost their lives so far including 14 children. Ukraine said dozens of people were killed in rocket strikes in Kharkiv, according to Reuters.

Zelenskyy Screen grab - Twitter

Twitter Users React to Zelensky's New Strategy

"I smell NATO in this statement. Pretend to release prisoners who are definitely military personnel from the NATO and boost your army. That way Russia won't question NATO's involvement and Ukraine pushes back Russia. If that's the case that's a genius idea," wrote a user on Twitter.

Another said, "If they lose, that's the Russian's problem, if they win, eh, it's not as bad a problem as having Russians running things."

A third user wrote, "This is not unprecedented in history, and those who question this decision, do not truly understand the gravity of the situation."

New curfew has been imposed in Kyiv from 8 p.m. until 7 a.m. According to reports, people will only be allowed to walk on the streets to look for shelter in case of air raid sirens. Moving around the city by car is not allowed unless a person has special permit.