UK Woman Dies of Rotting Infection After Plastic Surgery on Buttocks Goes Horribly Wrong

A woman from the United Kingdom died after a plastic surgery on her buttocks, which was aimed to lift and shape her backside. But the procedure went horribly wrong and caused rotting infections on her body.

The bum-lift surgeon reportedly used a medically unrecommended chemical compound during the operation that caused the infection which eventually took her life.

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The woman named Ronilza Johnson, who traveled from the UK to Brazil for a plastic surgery on her buttocks, was declared dead after being admitted at a Brazilian municipality hospital at Anapolis, where she was treated for a week on rotting infections spreading on her body.

It is reported that Ronilza came in contact with surgeon Lucas Santana after friends recommended her to him claiming he is one among the best doctors for plastic surgery operations.

The 46-year-old woman traveled every year to Brazil to visit her father and did so this year too and met the doctor at his clinic who convinced her to undergo the operation and would carry it out with the assistance of a medical student.

Police claim surgeon Santana injected her buttocks with polymethyl methacrylate, better known as PMMA, which is unauthorized but not prohibited and the Brazilian Society of Dermatology has not recommend its use for the surgery procedure.

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The surgeon fraudulently injected the chemical without Ronilza's notice and consent and the chemical compound caused serious infections in Ronilza's body, resulting in rotting of the flesh and also left an open wound which was not getting cured.

The police claim that the the buttock augmentation was carried out illegally and have arrested the surgeon and his medical assistant and are being held in custody before their trail at court. They revealed the name of the assistant as Thierry Cardoso, who is a medical student in Bolivia and has officially not been granted a license in Brazil to undertake or even assist any operations.

The surgeon's clinic is now shut down and sealed by the authorities and have taken possession of all the belongings and medical equipment. It is reported that countless medicines seized were mostly unlicensed, some of foreign origin illegally smuggled in to Brazil and also had blank prescriptions to be given out fraudulently for money.