Did Bill Gates and Melinda Divorce Over Placing Microchips Inside People? Conspiracy Theory Thrives

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, who were married for 27 years, have announced their divorce. Their separation has sent shockwaves across the world as the two revealed their love for each other has came to a screeching halt and their relationship can't go any further than this.

While many expressed their sadness over the couple's divorce, conspiracy theories claim the duo might have parted ways as they couldn't find a middle ground in their microchip policy agreement, which they had previously planned together to install chips inside people's skins to track and control them.

Bill and Melinda Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates YouTube Grab

The microchip policy came to light at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic where conspiracy theorists claimed the billionaire couple are using the pandemic as an opportunity to install the chips inside people and hoodwink them in to believing that it's used to detect Covid-19 early and call call it the vaccine.

The microchips would then work in tracking people's movements and would control every aspect of their life making a large segment of people slaves to the new world order, claimed conspiracy theorists.

Chatter on Reddit Forums

Reddit forums are now filled with conspiracy theories of people claiming that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have had a fallout on their microchip policy agreement and could not find middle ground on their plan to control the masses and hence have announced divorce.

They claim while Bill planned for world domination, Melinda wanted to control only a segment of the people and the two counter ideas clashed and didn't gel well leading to a disturbed relationship.

Several users took to Twitter asking now that the two have parted ways, who among them would have full access to control their microchip. "S**t, with Bill and Melinda Gates getting divorced, who gets control of my COVID microchip? I need answers," tweeted a user while the other said, ''With Bill and Melinda getting divorced who gets CUSTODY of my MICROCHIP which one of them CONTROL ME," he said.

Another user tweeted that he would like Melinda Gates to have access to the microchip as she's the lesser evil among the two. "Since Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing I'd like to request that Melinda is given full custody of my vaccine microchip," the tweet read.