UK Turk Playlist Kodi add-on receives update: How to install

UK Turk Playlist Kodi add-on
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The UK Turk Playlist Kodi add-on from the MetalKettle repository has received its most recent update and with it welcomes new features and enhancements. Developers have brought in fresh stuff to the add-on, including additional sections.

This add-on is an outstanding source for movies, TV shows and live sports where it gained its popularity. The latest push of the add-on's maintainer is geared towards improving the orchestration of content by adding sections such as Cartoon, Sports, Movie and more.

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New Popular TVShow has every season and episodes of a series, while New TVShows airs all the shows including their pilot episodes. Popular Cartoons has all the cartoons in the add-on under the Cartoon Section while all movies from A to Z are under the Movie Section.

Sports Replays under the Sports Section has all football league and country replays as well as basketball and other sports. Football Highlights shows all the major leagues and matches of the day. Meanwhile, the Schedule & Links and Live Sports sections are all fixed and improved.

Users have the option to revert back to the old version of UK Turk Playlist if they do not like it, says the maintainer. Additionally, the disable option for auto-update is also present. However, the maintainer warned that fixes and new features will not be available if users choose to disable the auto-update.

How to install new UK Turk Playlist update

To continue with the new UK Turk Playlist, here's a detailed guide on how to install the add-on:

Step 1: Open the add-on.

Step 2: You will be asked to enter a PIN. Just press OK to be redirected to

Step 3: Click on Generate Pin and then press back.

Step 4: Enter the PIN to gain access. This is valid for 4 hours only.

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This article was first published on January 22, 2018