UK Man Wears Fatsuit, Disguises Himself as a Black Woman Before Carrying Out Acid Attack on Ex-Girlfriend

The attack left the victim severely disfigured and partially blind in the right eye.

A jilted medical student disguised himself in a fat suit and wore black face before throwing acid over his ex-girlfriend in a jealous rage.

As reported by Daily Mail, the victim, identified as Dr. Rym Alaoui was left partially blind in one eye and suffered burns to the face and chest, leaving her face severely disfigured. They both studied medicine together at Cardiff University and Rouf planned his attack after Dr Alaoui ended their short relationship and moved to Brighton in April.

The 'Large Black Woman' Disguise

Milad Rouf
Milad Rouf and the "fat black woman" disguise he was seen wearing before carrying out the attack. Twitter

Milad Rouf, 25, disguised himself as a large, black woman before throwing sulphuric acid over his ex-girlfriend when she answered the door of her Brighton residence in May. Rouf wore a body suit, hooded top, wig and a coronavirus face shield before carrying out the attack.

Witnesses described a "woman, fat build, 5' 5" with short hair" arriving at the door, handing the unsuspecting householder a note and squirting a corrosive substance into her face before fleeing the scene.

Rouf had travelled from Cardiff to carry out the attack, he then removed his costume which he disposed of in bins around the Brighton seafront before buying new clothing from a retail store in another attempt to conceal his identity.

Milad Rouf
Milad Rouf wearing the disguise (top) before changing into new clothing purchased from a nearby retail store after the attack Twitter

Cops Found Shopping List at Rouf's Home

Rouf was arrested following a painstaking investigation of CCTV footage by Sussex Police. Following a search of Rouf's flat, officers found the notebook, items of clothing worn by him during and after the attack and a thorough "shopping list" detailing his disguise as well as items of clothing surveillance cameras captured him buying in Brighton.

Milad Rouf
Milad Rouf's shopping list Twitter

After initially telling police he had an alibi, Rouf pleaded guilty in August to one count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and using sulphuric acid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable in court. He was sentenced to 15 years in jail on Thursday for the crime.

Joe Pullen, from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said "This was a shocking and pre-meditated attack – motivated by jealousy and failure to accept the end of their relationship – which has left a young woman with life-changing injuries.

Dr. Rym Alaoui
Dr. Rym Alaoui Twitter

"My thoughts today are with this brave woman, whose strength and resilience throughout the investigation and prosecution is inspiring. I hope she can find some comfort from today's sentence," he added. "This violence has no place in our society. The CPS is committed to protecting victims from domestic abuse through our close working with the police to build the strongest possible cases and charges appropriate to the crime."