Ugandan Lawmaker Accidentally Shares X-Rated Photos on Official Parliamentary WhatsApp Group While 'Sexting' GF

The lawmaker later claimed his account was hacked and someone posted the images to tarnish his image.

A Ugandan MP was left red-faced after he accidentally shared explicit photos of a woman he was sexting on an official parliamentary WhatsApp group.

Andrew Joseph Koluo, a Toroma County Member of Parliament, accidentally shared the nude images on the official WhatsApp group on Tuesday.

According to KDRTV, Koluo was sexting the woman on WhatsApp when he mixed up the chats and forwarded the pictures on the parliamentary group. The woman, who looks to be in her 20s, sent the MP the steamy photos in which she is seen posing nude for the camera.

Andrew Joseph Koluo
Andrew Joseph Koluo Twitter

However, before Koluo realized his mistake, other participants on the group had already seen the photos and taken screenshots, which later started circulating on social media.Koluo started trending on social media with users criticizing the lawmaker for engaging in sexual activity with women instead of doing his job.

Koluo Claims His Account was 'Hacked'

In an effort to save his name, Koluo took to social media to claim that he had been hacked and someone posted the photos to tarnish his name. He said he had reported the matter to relevant authorities and warned people to desist from sharing the pictures or else they will face legal action.

"My account was hacked yesterday and someone posted nude pictures and not me. I have reported the matter to the relevant authorities and should you continue forwarding the same you do it at your own peril. Thanks," he said.

Accusations of Impregnating a 17-Year-Old

This is not the first time Koluo has sparked controversy. In 2018, the lawmaker was accused of impregnating a minor. According to Flash UG News, Koluo solicited the services of a 17-year-old girl as a maid at his home in Kamala, lured her into sex and got her pregnant. When his wife learned about Koluo's relationship with the maid, she sent the girl back to her village to her parents.

Koluo denied allegations at the time saying it was politically motivated and an attempt by the opposition to blackmail him. He however did acknowledge that the teenage girl was working at his home as a maid until she decided to go back to her village.