UFO Spotted by Airline Passenger and Military Jet Pilot in Quebec; Canada Not to Investigate Further

A Canadian military jet pilot and a KLM Airline passenger both stated that they saw a 'bright green flying object' and it flew into a cloud before disappearing.

The UFO spotting happened in Canada and this is the first time a civilian passenger and a military pilot have both reported the incident on the same day. The two claim that they spotted the flying object in a stretch of open water between Quebec and Newfoundland.

UFO Aliens
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Both the pilot and the passenger ''reported seeing a bright green flying object'' that later ''flew into a cloud, then disappeared.'' The KLM passenger flight (9KLM618) was travelling from Boston to Amsterdam and the Canadian military jet (CFC4003) was flying between CFB Trenton, a base in Ontario and Cologne, Germany.

The Canadian military jet is reported to have been en-route to Europe and then fly to Afghanistan as part of a mission to bring back officials from the war-torn country home.

The UFO sighting were reported by the two on July 30 and both the Canadian military and KLM Airlines have since then refused to comment on the issue. The DailyStar quoted a source by saying that the government is hesitant and worried about commenting on alien life and UFO spottings.

UFO Aliens
Representational image / Pixabay

''The MoD can't deny the existence of UFOs because there are reports coming in every week, so it tries to fudge the issue by saying that no UFOs have posed a military threat,'' said the source.

The Canadian government has appeared to be far less interested to investigate the sightings and a spokesperson from the Department of National Defence said, ''We do not track reports or collect information about sightings (of UFOs),'' and added that the government has ''no intent or need to investigate this further.''

Also, a spokesperson from Nav Canada, which is a private company that operates Canada's air traffic control system, said there is no additional information about the event, hinting they would not investigate the sighting.

UFO sightings, which were once a rarity, have become too common in the last two decades and the US government had recently released a treasure trove of reports on sightings including strange objects flying ten times faster than jets and other objects shooting upwards in seconds before disappearing.