Fact Check: Third Dose of AstraZeneca Vaccine to Cause Blood Clots? Here's what Doctors Say

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is most likely to authorize third shots of Covid-19 vaccine to people with compromised immune systems in an effort to boost their immunity amid the surge in Delta variant cases across the United States.

The United Kingdom is following a similar path and health authorities are likely to authorize a third dose of AstraZeneca vaccines to people having lower immune response in order to keep them safe from the Delta variant.

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As soon as the news broke out that administrating a third dose is around the corner, anti-vaccine groups on social media began spreading disinformation that the third jab has more chances of causing blood clots, and the medical mafia along with the government is planning to control the masses.

They claim that at first the third jab would be given to people with less immune system response, but will eventually force everyone else to take the third jab in the coming few months and paralyze a percentage of the population in the hopes of earning additional billions.

Fact: Getting A Third Dose Of AstraZeneca Vaccine Will Not Cause Blood Clots

A group of scientists have published a study post research saying the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine is less likely to cause blood clots and is much safer than getting the first and second jab.

Researchers at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who studied people with less immune response, submitted their report saying the third dose poses little threat.

''If people have had their first doses and not developed VITT, their risk of getting it on their third dose would probably be very small,'' said Dr Sue Pavord who lead the team of scientists in a press conference.

For the uninitiated, VITT stands for Vaccine-inducted Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia and people who suffered from blood clots during the first or second dose showed signs of developing VITT as their platelet counts was lower than average and their body had an opposite reaction while a few even suffered from bleeding in the brain.

Dr Pavord repeatedly stressed that people who have lower immune response can safely take their third jab in order to protect themselves further and claimed there is less chances of them developing VITT and blood clots as they had no signs of it in the first and second doses.

This article was first published on August 12, 2021