UFO researcher spots strange buildings and structures on lunar surface

Building on moon
YouTube Screenshot: Secureteam10

After analyzing various lunar photos released by NASA and other space agencies, a UFO researcher named Tyler Glockner has spotted a white square-shaped structure which made many people believe that aliens are living on earth's natural satellite. In the video, the UFO researcher also indirectly alleged that NASA is trying to coverup many secrets surrounding alien presence in the moon.

Interestingly, the square structure spotted in the moon does not seem natural, and it literally resembles many buildings which humans have built on earth. It should be also noted that the square structure in the moon has also cast a shadow on the ground.

The conspiracy theorist also reveals that the square structure in the moon is being built on the moon purposefully.

"I noticed that the square structure was not sitting in a random area on the lunar surface. It can be assured that the square structure is not a glitch. After analyzing the 3D view, I learned that the white building is actually sitting on the top of a mountain. The white building offers a perfect view of all of the craters and areas of the moon," said Tyler Glocker in the video.

In the same video, Tyler Glockner released another image which was apparently taken from NASA's Ames Research Centre. In the image, two researchers were seen looking at the monitor. But the real mystery of the image lies on the picture on the working table.

As the camera zooms in, the picture reveals a gigantic building-like structure on the lunar surface. Tyler Glockner believes that something sinister is going on in the moon's surface without public knowledge.

The video soon went viral, and audiences put forward various theories explaining these eerie structures.

Loucous Verenous, a YouTube user commented that the videos which are being uploaded by Secureteam10 are emerging as a real headache for NASA.

"One short video for Secureteam; One giant headache for NASA," commented Loucous Verenous.

"They are hiding what's really there with this square white object! There's something they don't want us to see," commented Billy Anderson, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics argue that these structures in the lunar surface are the result of pareidolia, a peculiar capability of the human brain to form a recognizable pattern or image on unknown objects.

A few days back, a team of researchers at the Washington State University has suggested that aliens might have lived in the moon 3.5 billion years ago. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the new findings from Glockner might be the remnants of an advanced alien civilization that lived in moon years ago.

This article was first published on July 26, 2018
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