NASA proposes three ways to protect earth from deadly asteroids which could wipe out life

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US National Science and Technology Council released a study report On Thursday, June 21 which detailed the threats earth is facing due to gigantic space asteroids that hurtle across the universe. Meanwhile, NASA has revealed that objects, which are large enough to destroy our civilization hit the earth once in every few million years and they proposed three possible ways by which a dreaded collision can be avoided.

Recently, the Pentagon released a report, prepared by the National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy and Action Plan which includes these three possible ways to avoid a collision that is capable of wiping out life from the blue planet.

Usage of a gravity tractor

This is perhaps the simplest and non-complicated way by which an asteroid can be deflected from its current trajectory. Even though this method may seem something out of science fiction, many experts believe that the usage of a gravity tractor will fetch results when the size of the asteroid is not that gigantic. In this method, a large spacecraft will be used to fly beside the asteroid and using its gravitational pull and then the asteroid can be nudged away.

Impact using a spacecraft

The second method may seem pretty cinematic. As per this method, a mammoth spacecraft will be used to fly straight into the asteroid. Experts believe that this act will change the asteroid's course, and thus, the earth will be escaped from a devastating collision.

Usage of nukes

If both the above-mentioned methods fail to work, the usage of nukes will emerge as the final option to deviate the asteroid from its collision course. However, many experts argue that nuking an asteroid will not be that safe, as it will make small asteroid particles raining down to earth.

NASA is apparently planning to work on the technique of deflecting an asteroid using a spacecraft by 2021. However, it is always vital to detect an asteroid first before starting the combating measures. A month ago, NASA detected the asteroid which burned up in South Africa just nine hours before its arrival. In such situation, neither of the asteroid destruction techniques may work.

This article was first published on June 24, 2018
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