UFO news: Aliens gifted US Air Force advanced flying machines? Check out VIDEO that says so

Steven Barone said such sightings are pretty common in the Las Vegas Valley

UFOs above air base
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A video recently shot by UFO hunter Steven Barone has fuelled the long-standing alien conspiracy theory that US Air Force has a symbiotic relationship with aliens.

The theory states that a species of aliens knows as the "Tall Whites" are actually based at Nellis Air Force Base and top officials get hold of alien technology in exchange of some useful material that are sought after by the extraterrestrial beings.

As outlandish as it sounds in this video, we can see three circular orbs of light hovering mid-air against the night sky. Steven says that the video was shot when the UFOs were above the restricted air base at night and with special night vision recording equipment. "I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada, on the night of November 15, 2016. I am not enhancing it in any way so this is exactly as it was as it came from the night vision camera," he wrote as the description of the video, as reported by UK's Express newspaper.

The new website also quoted him saying that such sightings are pretty common in the Las Vegas Valley for its close proximity with the air base and Area 51.

Editor of ufosightingsdaily.com, Scott C Waring, was quick to comment on this sensational video saying that these are not those typical wandering spacecraft that get noticed by fluke but are some kind of technologically advanced flying saucers which were presented to the US Air Force by aliens who visited the earth.

"These objects are flying over a USAF base in that area so no one can travel over there to take a look. It is all fenced in high security area," he said, according to the Express. "It looks like the USAF is testing some of the alien craft that was given to the USAF in good faith," he added.

However, there is neither any evidence nor any document or witness to support the claim.

Check out the video here:

Video credit: Steven Barone