UFO over Popocatepetl mount: Why should aliens have base inside active volcano? [VIDEO]

According to a UFO blogger, aliens choose volcanoes as they are last places to get searched

Popocatepetl volcano
An aerial view of Popocatepetl volcano as it spews a cloud of ash Reuters

A video posted by a user on YouTube of a bright saucer shaped light over the mouth of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has gone viral and prompted many to speculate that there is an alien base inside the active volcano.

The video uploaded by Marte Salas shows the footage captured by the live cam where a bright colour light is seeing entering the frame from one end and going out from the other. However, the light stopped just above the volcanic mount for some time and is seen fluttering around that area.

The Express reported that UFO blogger Scott C Waring was the first to make this bizarre claim of an alien base inside the volcano. The blogger, according to the news website, claims that aliens have several bases on earth and some of them are hidden deep inside volcanoes. He also said that aliens chose volcanoes because they are the last place to get searched.

Waring also wrote on website ufosightingsdaily.com that this is not the first time a UFO is seen hovering over a volcanic mount.

"This UFO is very similar to the one that flew over Temple Mount at the holy place of Dome of Rock back in 2011.This UFO seems to slow down just when its over the volcano mouth before it leaves," he wrote.

"At this moment it probably beamed someone or something up or down from the alien base below the volcano...There is no way that this is a helicopter or plane, because this is a live volcano that has massive bursts of burning lava shoot out every few day... it's off limits to all low air traffic," he further claimed.

However, there is no scientific explanation for the entire event or how aliens can withstand such a high temperature. However, the video created frenzy as people often associate aliens with supernatural beings with extraordinary powers.

Some experts suggest that the objects seen over the mount in such incidents might also be drones as the unmanned aerial vehicles are often used to study volcanoes.

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