UEE apologises for causing confusion in social media about dating Kangnam

Actress says she'll be 'extremely careful in the future' so that such mistakes never happens again.

UEE and Kangnam
UEE (extreme left) and Kangnam (extreme right) during happier times. instagram.com/kangkangnam

South Korean singer and actress Kim Yu-ji, better known by her stage name UEE, apologised for initially denying that she was dating singer Kangnam. She has said she'll be more careful in the future.

As noted by website Soompi, UEE attended a press conference for her upcoming drama 'Manhole,' at Seoul Times Square, on August 7. Regarding her initial denial of dating Kangnam, she said, "I'm sorry for worrying people with my personal matters. I'll be extremely careful in the future so that it never happens again."

It was reported by industry representatives on July 14, that UEE and Kangnam had begun dating after starring on 'Law of the Jungle' together. However, shortly after the reports, UEE's agency Yuleum Entertainment responded, "We have checked with her, and it is definitely not true that they are dating. The two of them are just close friends."

In an Instagram update, UEE said, "Currently filming! I was taken aback by a sudden phone call~!! I became close with Kangnam while filming for 'Law of the Jungle,' and we've grabbed food together and hung out before~ But if everyone automatically assumes that means we're dating.. it makes me sad ã… ã… ã… ã…  Everyone!! If I really start dating, I'll tell you!! But right now I'm just busy!!! #Manhole."

Curiously enough, Kangnam's agency had said, "Because it's a private matter, we have no comment." However, Soompi notes, media outlet Dispatch released photos of the two of them in holding hands and embracing each other, which caused even more confusion. Eventually, both UEE and Kangnam's agencies confirmed that their dating news was true.

UEE posted an apology later that very same day, saying she denied the reports because she did not want their sudden dating news to negatively affect her upcoming drama that she was filming back then. Then she deleted her Instagram account.

Today, she apologised for her rushed mishandling of the entire incident and said, "I'm also sorry for making such a short statement. I deleted my social media account to avoid making the same mistakes again. I think the only way to [apologise] is to show it through my actions. I'm sorry once again."

UEE and Kangnam broke up recently. As noted by Allkpop, Kangnam's agency RD Entertainment told media outlets on August 1, "It's true he and UEE recently broke up. They naturally grew apart due to their busy schedules." UEE's label Yeoreum Entertainment also stated, "Kangnam and UEE recently broke up. They each focused on their work and naturally separated. They've decided to remain as colleagues who will cheer each other on."

Her upcoming drama 'Manhole' will premiere on August 9 after 'Queen for 7 Days.'

This article was first published on August 7, 2017