Actress Kim Sae Ron doesn't regret leaving school to pursue acting profession

Actress says she didn't want to juggle between two different disciplines but has plans to pursue a major in theatre/film.

Kim Sae-ron
Actress Kim Sae-ron.

'Mirror of the Witch' actress Kim Sae-ron recently revealed the reason behind leaving school early and why she doesn't regret the decision.

As noted by website Soompi, Kim Sae-ron, who just celebrated her seventeenth birthday on July 31, said in a recent interview, "Living as an actor, it was inevitable that I would miss school often," she said. "I felt that I was causing harm to my friends... I didn't think that I could perfect my studies and acting at the same time so I chose acting instead."

As to whether she regrets that decision, Sae-ron said, "I'm still in contact with my high school friends and I meet up with them often. I also stay in contact with my old teachers. Leaving school was my own choice, as well as choosing to study other things, so I don't regret it. Before I made my decision, I talked a lot to the people around me. I'm satisfied and living a good life."

The actress had enrolled in the School for Performing Arts Seoul but didn't complete her studies. "There are a lot of things I want to learn and that was part of the reason why I chose to leave. Studies are important, but I want to learn things like [foreign] languages. I'm using the time I used to spend at school to learn the things I want to learn," she said.

Those other foreign languages include Englsh and Chinese. "When I don't have a shoot, I go about three times a week," she said. "It's partly to improve my acting, but I've wanted to learn languages for a long time. Now that I'm learning, it's fun," Sae-ron said.

As noted by Soompi, Kim Sae-ron also has plans to pursue high school graduation examinations next year and to attend college as well. "I'm thinking of majoring in theatre/film," she said. "I don't have any particular schools in mind yet, though. I'm getting a lot of advice from the people around me. Rather than thinking about it by myself, I think it's helpful to listen to other opinions. Like my family or friends. My friends have been around since I was young, although there are friends I've met through work as well," she said.

Sae-ron also revealed why she changed agencies from Fantagio to YG Entertainment, saying, "I didn't choose YG for their image," adding, "I had a talk with the company employees, and the areas they wanted to pursue lined up with the direction I wanted to go. We had a good connection."

The actress is currently filming a movie with 'Train to Busan' actor Ma Dong-seok.

This article was first published on August 6, 2017